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It is easy to see what sets Wallop! apart from other PR measurement solutions – it’s the fact that Wallop! OnDemand was designed by actual PR people. We know from first-hand experience what PR teams need: powerful analytics that deliver smart insights to help drive strategy and achieve results. We also know what clients and executives want: to accomplish business objectives, beat competitors, constantly achieve bigger and better results, and see proof that PR is a worthwhile investment. Wallop! was created with these things in mind, which is why we can confidently say our measurement services are the best in the business.

When you use Wallop! for PR measurement you get a trusted partner committed to helping you understand your program results so you can make informed decisions and achieve better overall business results. With Wallop! you are able to:

  • Tag and analyze coverage for indicators such as tone, slant, message pickup, spokesperson analysis, proactive/reactive assessment, specific event effectiveness, and depth
  • Track trends to determine your share of voice in relation to key trends or initiatives
  • Measure exposure for a specific product or executive visibility
  • Create advanced charts and graphs to demonstrate program results, highlight PR achievements and prove PR’s value
  • And much more

Because of our PR background we understand that one-size-fits-all measurement isn’t appropriate for most PR teams. The measurement needs of a large agency are entirely different than those of a small startup company. Wallop! measurement solutions are flexible, affordable for any size budget, and can be customized to fit your PR program. We offer self-service and full-service options so whether you want to “do-it-yourself,” or you have limited bandwidth and would prefer to have our measurement experts handle the work, there is a perfect Wallop! solution for you.

If you’re going to use a PR measurement solution, doesn’t it make sense to choose one that was designed and built by PR people who understand your needs?

Schedule a Wallop! demo to see how our PR measurement can work for you.

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