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At Wallop! OnDemand we're on a mission to make measurement less complicated. Our reports are packed with best practices and clear information to help you successfully execute a measurement program that leads to better PR campaigns.

Proving the Value of PR: Survey Findings and Solutions for Agency PR Departments

Don't just tell clients that PR is driving business outcomes - show them. This report shares how to deliver convincing results and use business insights to demonstrate your agency's worth.


Proving the Value of PR: Survey Findings and Solutions for Corporate PR Departments

The question "What are we getting for our PR spend?" is a reminder that doing good PR is only half the job. This report shares how to achieve impressive results and use business insights to create value, and ultimately confirm PR's worth.


Building a Measurement Culture: A Blueprint for Your PR Department

Commit to creating a more measurement-friendly culture within your PR department. This white paper explains how to engage team members so everyone feels they have a vital stake in measurement.


Building a Pro-Measurement Culture: A Blueprint for Your PR Agency

Do coverage tracking tasks and measurement assignments elicit groans from your PR team? This white paper explains how to motivate and engage team members so everyone feels they have a vital stake in measurement.


Beyond Spreadsheets: How to Transition to Real PR Measurement

There are more effective ways to evaluate PR results than with spreadsheets, but making the leap to sophisticated PR measurement and analysis can seem daunting. Download this white paper to find out how you can successfully get started with REAL PR measurement.


Secrets for Building Successful Client Agency Relationships

Do you know the secret to making client-agency relationships last? This white paper shares suggestions PR agencies and clients can use to build healthy client-agency relationships.



5 Ways Agencies Can Use Measurement to Close New Business5 Ways Agencies Can Use Measurement to Close New Business

This report explores ways agencies can incorporate measurement into new business presentations in order to secure more clients.   



The Basics of setting measurable PR goalsThe Basics of Setting Measurable PR Goals

Setting measurable goals is an important part of being able to effectively measure and analyze PR results. This report shares information on how you can craft better, more measurable goals.



Using Measurement to Beat Competitors: A How-To GuideUsing Measurement to Beat Competitors: A How-To Guide

Learn how to effectively use PR measurement to recognize and respond to competitive threats, improve strategy and get ahead.




2012 PR Budget Trends and Expecations2012 PR Budget Trends and Expectations

This 2nd annual report reveals findings about the connection between PR budgets and measurement.




Using Measurement to Win New Business and Grow PR Programs

This report highlights ways agencies and corporate PR departments can use measurement to build confidence in PR, and ultimately win new clients and funding. Findings from Wallop! OnDemand’s PR and Measurement Expectations survey are included in this report.


Media Monitoring & Perceptions StudyMedia Monitoring & Perceptions Study

This study reveales some problems PR professionals are experiencing when it comes to media monitoring and measurement.





Planning for Budget GrowthPlanning for PR Budget Growth

Positioning your PR program for future growth requires planning in the present. Here you'll see how to get your program in top shape so you can put together a convincing case for adding to the PR budget.




10 Ways Agencies Can Make Room for Measurement

Based on findings from the Media Monitoring and Measurement survey, this report shows how agencies can find additional time, resources and hundreds of available dollars in monthly client budgets to put toward measurement.




10 Ways for PR Departments to Make Room for Measurement

Here are ten simple adjustments your corporate PR team can make to better use existing resources and incorporate measurement into your PR program without increasing the PR budget.



Measurement Perspectives and Practices May 2011The Measurement Perspectives and Practices Report

Find out if you are on par with competitors when it comes to measuring and evaluating PR - this report contains candid responses from survey participants regarding attitudes toward PR measurement, as well as trends in actual measurement practices.



Survey Report

2011 PR Budget Trends and Expectations Report

This report includes findings from the PR and Measurement survey recently conducted by Wallop! OnDemand, and it is the first of two reports being released in conjunction with the survey.



Stop Scrambling Social ReportStop Scrambling Behind the Scenes
Get the Information You Need in Just One Click.

This report looks at some of the performance questions clients and executives commonly ask their PR teams. It shows you how to ensure that you have the right information at your fingertips, so you can stop sweating when clients make urgent demands and ask tough questions.



Cost of No PR measrurement

The Cost of No PR Measurement

What is the financial impact of not measuring PR? As this report shows, PR professionals stand to lose support and funding for their programs when they do not have a measurement system in place.



Seven Secreats Social PaperSeven Secret for Using Measurement to Create Winning PR Strategies:

This report highlights seven secrets for using measurement to create winning PR strategies and discusses how to make the most out of your PR investment.


Gaining Credibilty with the C-Suite Social ReportHow to Demonstrate the Business Value of PR and Gain Credibility with the C-Suite

This report discusses how to demonstrate to executives an understanding of business objectives by gathering data and measuring both outcomes and outputs.



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